the store

A boutique in the heart of the city.
Yet far removed from it.

An eclectic furniture boutique tucked away in South Mumbai’s illustrious stretch of lifestyle stores at Worli, but comfortably distant from the din of traffic. Spread over 5000 sq. ft. and dreamily detached from the everyday, it evokes the wonder of stepping into a world of treasures.

Everything at Magnolia, bespoke wooden furniture, home décor, objets d'art, and even the space – bathed in soft light, is designed to delight and excite the senses, and linger on in the memory. Just like the aromatic allure of the Magnolia flower.

Experience the passion. You might just find yourself drawn on a journey of discovery – through new worlds, and within yourself.

“We don't design
furniture. We design


Maulika Gandhi

Magnolia is the journey of lawyer-turned- entrepreneur and lover-of-all-things-beautiful, Maulika Gandhi. A well-travelled aesthete with a penchant for furniture and home décor, Maulika always wished to live a life beyond the mundane, and soon decided to resign her flourishing legal practice to pursue her passion. To design pieces that possess spirit and individuality, and seamlessly combine functionality with a sense of wonder. And to create lifestyles that don’t just stand apart but are also elegantly timeless.

brand story

Each piece tells a
different story.

You're invited to find those that tell yours.

Much like an individual is a sum of varied experiences, our atelier is an eclectic collection of inspirations and ideas collected over the years traveling across our glorious country. Each piece has a soul of its own, and a different story to tell.

At Magnolia, you’ll find classic styles meeting modern interpretations. Clean lines merging into quirky designs. Functionality expressed through romance and intrigue. Everything, right from understanding the client’s specific needs, to the selection of the richest materials, fabrics and textures, to the painstaking attention to detail and craftsmanship with which each piece is brought alive, reflects our passion to create the finest and rarest of pieces. Obviously, nothing leaves our studio till it meets our exacting standards. (How else can we expect it to meet yours?)

The result: an eclectic collection that fosters an environment of inner calm where one can unwind and recharge. While at the same time, evokes, inspires and excites the senses.

Refined Aesthetics

An aesthetic sensibility inspired by a love and understanding of the finest materials, and also the vibrancy and exotic spirit of India, expressed with sophistication and luxury. Creating living spaces where one feels at home yet is surrounded by a feeling of wonder and romance.

Timeless Elegance

In an age of mass-produced luxury it is easy to get lost in transient trends. We strive to create elegant designs that don’t just stand apart but also act as heirlooms to pass on to generations to come.

Quality and Comfort

Combining outstanding quality and craftsmanship with the highest levels of comfort, our collection not only caters to your discerning taste but also your exacting standards.

Sustainable Design

We ensure that the materials we use are sustainably sourced. We endeavor to add to the beauty and wonder of the world we live in, not take away from it.

Customer Understanding and Satisfaction

Our bespoke furniture caters to your individual aesthetics, and our services are committed to your satisfaction. Right from understanding your individual needs and taste, to delivering pieces that delight your senses, everything is to enhance your lifestyle.